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International Beauties (H to Z)

Welcome to Part 2 of the "International Beauties" cards. Here is very brief overview of some of the vintage international cards available - from countries starting with H to Z !

Italy didn't really commence producing any type of boxing card until the middle of the 20th century, but when they started, they certainly took off !

In 1951, Didasco produced a small, but rather large set of boxers which featured many top liners of the day. These cards however were not of great quality and often feature back damage due to being glued into albums.

Italy also is home to what would have to be one of the largest card producers. The "Panini" company released thousands of cards and stickers between the 1960's and 1980's - many of which depicted boxers. Lampo, which are identical to the Paninis except for the brand name are one of the rarest italian cards, and the Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali card is one of post war boxing cards most sought after.

Anther card issue through a British company, the 1928 set of "The World of Sport" cards from B. & J.B. Machado Tobacco Co in Kingston, Jamaica were identical to the Lambert & Butler set of the same year. There were three boxers featured including Tommy Milligan, Teddy Baldock and legendary hall of famer Mickey Walker. These cards are rare.

New Zealand
New Zealand haven't been big on the production of boxing cards, but there is one notable card from that country - the 1947 Timaru Milling Co card of Bob Fitzsimmons. Although born in England, Fitzsimmons grew up in Timaru before embarking on his title conquests.

Another card set from NZ was the 1935 "Sports Champions" set from Ardath Tobacco Co. Ardath were a British firm who released cards in NZ under the brand of Ardath Cork Cgiarettes. The set featured 5 boxers, all British, and featured boxers Len Harvey and Jack Petersen.

Puerto Rico
One colorful release from Puerto Rico was the 1951 Denia set. The cards, which were the same as the baseball sets released mainly featured south American fighters of the era.

South Africa
African Tobacco Manufacturers, in Cape Town, released a set of cards in 1939 titled "The World Of Sport". The set, which came in two sizes contained carsd of boxers such as Max Baer, John Henry Lewis, Joe Louis and Benny Lynch. The card backs were printed in English and Africaan.

There is also the United Tobacco Company's set of "World Famous Boxers", which featured the bi-lingual back. This set, containing 100 boxing cards also features no less than 27 Hall of famers.

The main Spanish boxing set was the 1928 Amatller Chocolate "Boxe" set. It was a dedicated boxing set, with many of the era's best featured. Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney had multiple cards, and Jack Sharkey also featured in this 38 card set. The cards a colorful, and rare.

Amattler also produced a card of hall of fame boxer Tommy Loughran, depicted by a cartoon drawing in a 1927 set. I am yet to confirm the existence of other boxers in the set.

A few other boxing cards were released at the time including a 1928 Cine Manual card set, and a 1930s La Central card set.

Another country not known for it's cards, the 1930's Cloetta Chocolate set was full of all sportsmen. These small cards feature vivid pictures of the subjects who include Dempsey, Tunney and Schmeling.

Not really their own releases, but the 1920's W580 strip cards and the 1926 Spaldings set have both been attributed to a release in Thailand.

The W580 "Siam" release featured individual cards and not strips and were pritned on better quality stock. The Spalding's set have a couple of back types, including a blank back version, which was also thought to originate from Siam.

If you have any more to add, or wish to write an article, let me know !


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