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Brief Boxing Card History

Although all attempts have been made to ensure all information contained within this website is correct, due to the vast number of cards made, and errors with records over the years, there may be errors found on the site.
If an error has been made, please contact the webmaster at

Welcome to the Boxing Card Digest

Types of boxing cards have been added up until 1939. Go to the cards section to see cards. There are plenty more issues out there, so keep checking back as more cards will be added

Feature article of the month "International Beauties". The second part of the article briefly looking at a variety of international boxing cards released from all over the world throughout the 19th and 20th century (note- pics to be added). Click here

More updates to follow shortly, including more cards, new articles and cards for sale. I'm also including a checklist of every boxing card set released so visitors can check my progress as I aim to collect "one of everything".

Due to popular demand, a list of each Hall of Fame boxer, along with their "rookie" cards. Will start off as a work in progress and hopefully a defined list can one day be completed.


I am trying to obtain as many pictures of 19th century boxing cards as possible. I would like to list on the site all 19th century cards contained in my database, and include pictures of the cards where possible. Eventually the aim is to have a picture gallery of all 19th century boxing cards that were released. All submissions will be credited with your name under the card (ie "picture courtesy of...").

Please send images to if you can help.
The Website

Welcome to the Boxing Card Digest

This website has been created in an attempt to create a database containing every boxing card ever produced. There are obviously many websites devoted to baseball cards and cigarette cards in general, but is entirely dedicated to the collection of boxing cards.

This site was created by myself, a fan of boxing in general and a collector of boxing memorabilia, especially boxing cards. I have been involved in boxing in Australia for many years being one of the founding members of the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame and serving on boxing committees for a number of years in Australia.

My personal aim is to attempt to collect one card from every boxing set or sets that depicted boxing ever released. It may take years, but you have to aim for something ! So if you have any unwanted boxing cards, from any country, oddballs or not, feel free to send them my way :-).

John L Sullivan / Frank Murphy
1888 - Allen & Ginter's / 1889 - Allen & Ginter's
"The World's Champions" (N28 / N29)

1888 - Allen & Ginter's "The World's Champions" (N29).
This picture shows an album page from the set.

This website will not only feature the a searchable database of boxing cards and card sets, but will also feature monthlyarticles regarding boxing cards over the years. The site also containcs a free classified pages for those wanting to sell, buy or trade their cards. An auction section is being considered, but due to the popularity and ease of websites like, may not yet eventuate.

The website will be updated on a regular basis, with articles on boxers, cards and card sets. The forum can be used for general discussions on card collecting, or for anyone with questions in relation to certain boxing cards. The site will also contain links to other card sites, and other website who specialise in the sale of boxing cards.

The Hall of Fame section features some of the rarest and most sought after cards by collectors. This section contains cards, that in my opinion, you would be lucky to have in your collection.

Boxing Card Digest aims to bring its readers knowledge about the hobby (or business) of collecting boxing cards. There are many stories surrounding baseball cards and their values, but do many people know about the 1948 Leaf Gum Rocky Graziano card?

The Leaf set was thought to contain 49 cards, and uncut sheets of 7 cards by 7 cards were discovered to prove this.

This card may have been accidentally released by the company and later recalled. Anyway, it has turned out to be a very valuable card. The last one sold at auction for over US $41,000 !

The Database

The database will be an ongoing project and due to the vast amount of cards produced around the world for over a century (and still created today), it will definately not be an overnight job. If you are interested in contributing to the database, please email me

The database itself will be available for members only, and a short registration will be required for membership. Eventually, you'll be able to search for a boxer and the cards known to feature the particular boxer on the database, or search for a card set with the result being a table of all cards available in the set. I hope you enjoy the site.

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